Data Management

Continuous acoustic monitoring results in many gigabytes of data per year. Our goal is to develop a public database, though this presents a number of logistical challenges. Currently, research data and information obtained from them are currently available in a local team database, and parts are made available to interested groups and key stakeholders - if you are interested in access, please let us know. We also have posted and labeled large sections of recordings on YouTube for public listening, use, and citizen science.


Our plan focuses on:

1. Construction of an infrastructure for data archival
2. Assembly of a dedicated team who analyze and manage the information.
3. Development of an interface for dataset discovery and download
4. Creation of a MesoAmerican Reef sound library for researchers, musicians, and the public.
5. Use of the data to inform conservation and resource management practice.
6. Evaluation and lessons learned from applications of the research to conservation and management / Collection of additional data to evaluate success in data application.

We uploaded some of the data recorded in different moon phases on our YouTube, check it out! And if you would like to use some of this data just write to

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