Thank you for helping us understand the world of sound. With your support we will continue listening and learning from the ocean while expanding our network to reach different coastal communities to make a positive impact in conservation.

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Thank you for supporting us in our mission to LISTEN, LEARN, and SHARE the voice of the ocean. 



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Monitoring of the MesoAmerican Reef - Long-term Passive Acoustic Monitoring is the foundation of the entire program and it is achieved through the use of non-invasive underwater recorders.

Data Management and Use - We aim to develop a public database, and make our baseline data available for scientists and creatives.

Sciences and Arts - Fusion of sciences and arts is central to this project. We seek to interact with the data with many, integrated perspectives, and open-minded experimentation.

Education and Outreach - We believe the best way to preserve this ecosystem is by sharing it and creating tools for people to connect with it.


A positive impact in our ecosystem can only be achieved if everyone is involved. Conservation is not just for scientists; regardless of your profession there´s always something you can do! Architects, designers, divers, musicians, students, and any ocean enthusiast may be of help.

Contact us to find out how you can help the oceans. These are just some of the examples:

Humans are visually oriented animals meaning we primarily use our eyes to understand the world. By being aware of that and developing the rest of our senses we are able to find new ways to connect with our ecosystem. When we practice “active listening” we are forcing ourselves to “pause” and pay attention to different information. Switching senses and paradigms will, most likely, result in new ways to understand and solve problems.

Our goal is to create and share talks, workshops, teaching materials, and all kinds of tools to help people connect with their environment through sound. So, if you have experience teaching, developing, or evaluating educational programs, we can use your help. Contact us for further information.

Data analysis and bioacoustic research
A good thing about passive acoustic monitoring is it allows you to capture a lot of information (baseline data) without disturbing the ecosystem, but the challenge is that we are collecting data faster than we can analyze. So, if you have experience in bioacoustics or a background in science and want to be part of our research team contact us.

Fieldwork & underwater logistics
Like most of the people doing research in the ocean we are here because we love the water. We are amazed by how you can feel in a different world when you descend just a couple of meters. Our field team is in charge of deployments and maintenance of the equipment underwater. If you are a certified scuba diver we might need your help. Fill in the form below and tell us about your interests and underwater experience.

Arts make us reflect on our place in society and the world, which is vital to achieve conservation. There are multiple ways for artists to collaborate: from using our underwater soundscapes to produce music, to visually interpreting underwater soundscapes, to creating a unique project that connects art and science. Let us know if you are interested.

Communications & Design
Reef monitoring and marine research is key in understanding our oceans, but people outside the scientific community usually don't have access to this information, or if they do the language is not appropriate for them. Here in Ocean World of Sound, we believe it is crucial to connect research with people outside the scientific community. So if #SciComm or other communications is your area of expertise, we can use your help with campaigns, communication materials, merchandise, translations, and media for our project.

Psychology & Mindfulness
All the marine research, campaigns and education won't be enough to create a positive impact on our ecosystem, if we don´t believe that we are part of it. If we fail to understand that everything we do to the oceans we are doing to ourselves, all the other things won´t matter, because real conservation comes from individuals. Humans are not actors on the ecosystem - we are part of it. We need to be aware of the place where we are right now as individuals, society, and ecosystem so we can decide what to do next, and consciously decide what kind of impact we want to have on our planet, here and now! So, join us if you feel you can help people be more present and connected and if you believe that will lead to conservation.


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