Education and Outreach

This project will always have as its primary purpose the conservation of the Mesoamerican Reef, and we believe that the best way to generate interest in the preservation of this ecosystem is by making it known and inviting people to connect with it auditorily and not just visually. Our goal is to teach the public the importance of listening and connecting with the sounds of our oceans.


Our plan focuses on:

1. Viralization of the WORLD OF SOUND 30-DAY CHALLENGE.
2. Expansion of our children's program, where they learn to listen and connect with our oceans.
3. Create a strong and conscious community locally and globally that supports conservation.
4. Collaborate with additional schools and universities in the United States, Mexico and the rest of the countries belonging to the Mesoamerican Reef.
5. Create a citizen science training program where anyone can be part of our group of information analysts.

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